Video: Behind the Scenes with Allied Bakeries - part two

04 February, 2013

In the second part of an exclusive behind-the-scenes video interview with Allied Bakeries, British Baker asks the company how it is strengthening its position in a highly-competitive market.

It comes at the same time the plant bread manufacturer has announced it will be injecting £1m into a new marketing campaign to promote the rebrand of its Allinson range of bread products.

Nick Law, director of operations at Allied Bakeries, explained to British Baker that the investment being made across its bakery network forms a large part of a five-year plan to make sure the firm is the most competitive baking company in the UK.

He added that the company's decision to rebrand its Kingsmill, Sunblest and Allinson bread brands was an important step for Allied Bakeries to help keep its product ranges relevant, up-to-date and modern for consumers.

To watch part one of British Baker's exclusive behind-the-scenes videos with Allied Bakeries, click here.

To read the behind-the-scenes feature with Nick Law of Allied Bakeries, see pages 16-17 of the 25 January 2013 issue of British Baker.

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