The naming of the World Scotch Pie Champion has been postponed by the organisers, as the recent snow meant entrants would have had difficulty attending the ceremony in Carnegie College, Dunfermline.

British Lion egg products has revealed that the majority of consumers are willing to pay more for a sandwich with the British Lion mark, following an in-store study.

Genius Foods founder Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne has been awarded with an ‘Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year’ accolade by the Entrepreneurial Exchange organisation.

Warburtons is set to launch an eight-strong gluten-free bakery range, having revealed in October that the brand would move into the gluten-free market.

Biscuits and oatcakes from Northern Irish bakery Ditty’s are gaining an international following after the company secured new export contracts with companies in New Zealand and London, and began talks with potential customers in France and Hong Kong.

Bath-based baker and author Richard Bertinet was named Food Champion of the Year at the Food & Farming Awards 2010 this week after being nominated by listeners of Radio 4’s Food Programme.

French-trained chef Loretta Liu has announced plans to open her first Café On outlet in London, following the launch of her patisserie brand this autumn.

Despite slow progress earlier this year, East-Lothian-based franchise chain Baguette Express has added 18 outlets to its estate in 2010, and has its eye on London locations.

The European branded coffee shop market has weathered the economic downturn and is set to grow steadily over the next three years, providing UK bakers with a potentially lucrative export market.

A review has begun of the raft of nutrition targets left by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) under the previous government, which will mark a shift away from the 'carrot and stick' consultations and aims towards a "lighter" approach to regulation.

The Scottish Association of Master Bakers (SAMB) is training bakers in places as far afield as Cornwall, London and Northern Ireland after being recognised by the National Skills Academy for Food & Drink Manufacturing as the main craft bakery training body.

Bread manufacturer Giles Foods has completed the first phase of a multi-million-pound expansion programme at its Pain Artisan bakery in Milton Keynes.

A West Sussex craft bakery is making the most of its delivery van by using it as a mobile shop to sell bread and cakes in nearby villages.

North Wales craft bakery chain Gerrards Confectioners has taken on six of Ecclestons Confectioners 10-strong estate, marking a significant investment for the firm.

North-west bakery chain Sayers the Bakers has bought a new bakery venture to the high street in the form of the Poundbakery.

A group of Subway franchisees is fighting to have the VAT on toasted sandwiches zero-rated in a case that could have implications for retail bakers and coffee shops across the country.

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19 November, 2010


Speciality bread

19 November, 2010

Presumably Dan Lepard, BB's resident contributor and The Guardian's Weekend supplement bakery writer, had no part to play in this bread recipe that appeared in the latter. It unites baking and gardening in a stomach-churning first-time alliance not seen since the legendary mouse-in-bread loaf.

Calorie counter

19 November, 2010

God bless the Daily Mail, which pauses in its project of dividing the food chain into things that give you cancer and things that prevent cancer, to give you the tale of a bad food that's good for you specifically Mark Haub, who lost two stone in 10 weeks on a diet of cream cakes and sugary foods.

Gore cake of the week no.387

19 November, 2010

The Pepperpot Café in Dublin created this blood-spattered bride cake in just two hours for Lady Gaga, the singer with a penchant for wearing raw meat dresses, who performed recently in the city.

Mouthing off

19 November, 2010

Legal case is hot to trot

19 November, 2010

HM Revenue & Customs is not a classic source of funnies, 'tis true. But the faintly absurd transcript of the tribunal ruling on whether Subway's toasted sarnies are zero-rated for VAT is a rare exception. This exercise in legalese is a rollicking read and would have you gripped right through to the cliffhanger, had we not blown the ending in our news this week. Here's an extract where solicitor Owain Thomas locks horns with Subway franchise owner Kay Mulligan, who argues that a toasted Meatball Marinara sub is not 'hot food'.


19 November, 2010

Neil Court-Johnston

Diary Dates

19 November, 2010

My Career

19 November, 2010

Mike Woods, MD, The Just Love Food Company, Blackwood, Wales

Pepping up your presentation

19 November, 2010

The great thing about bakery products is they speak for themselves. You cannot beat the golden glow of freshly made croissants or smiling gingerbread men, free of packaging.

Slippery SUBJECT

19 November, 2010

Here's an unusual development for you: supermarkets causing the baking industry headaches. This time it's over an issue that's as slippery and brain-busting as a block of shortening on a bakery floor: palm oil.

Q We have agreed that a full-time employee can change to part-time hours on a permanent basis. We will shortly be giving them a revised contract to reflect this. But when should we state that their employment started? Is it the date they go part-time or when they first began working for us?

Benefits of a PILON clause

19 November, 2010

Once an employee has accrued at least four weeks' continuous employment, they have the statutory right to a minimum notice period of one week. This increases by one week's notice for every year of service up to a maximum of 12 years for example, six years' service gives an entitlement to six weeks' notice.

Making covert recordings

QWhat is the legal temperature for frozen food?

Reclaiming VAT on fuel

19 November, 2010

Fuel costs represent a significant outlay for your business. But as there are many different ways of dealing with the VAT on motoring expenses, how can you be sure to get the most back with the least amount of admin?

Are you ready for 20% VAT?

19 November, 2010

Lay your cards on the deck

19 November, 2010

For most bakers the thought of shelling out for a new oven is not a prospect that fills them with joy. But with the progression of oven technology in recent years, the long-term cost benefits could well make up for the initial outlay.

Testing times

19 November, 2010

The cost of malt is going up. Boo! But using malt will actually save you money. Yay! As paradoxes go and the baking industry has enough of them when you consider that supermarkets are driving down prices when they're becoming more expensive to make that's one of the more palatable ones.

Age concern

19 November, 2010

The late Gert Bidder was still working for Burbidge's Bakery in Andover at the ripe old age of 96.

Book review

19 November, 2010

Eric Lanlard Home Bake

Angel Food Cake originated in the US as a way to use up egg whites when the yolks had been used for making pasta and noodles.

Imagine your team coming in to work in the morning. They park behind the shop, open up the back door, fill the shelves, have a general clean-up and then unlock the door for business. They then return behind the counter and start serving. Is this good practice?

In my world

19 November, 2010

David Powell, Deputy Master of the Worshipful Company of Bakers and former global director innovation/bakery Rich Products

Gluten-free brand Mrs Crimble's has created Mini Choc Orange Macaroons especially for Christmas. The limited-edition macaroons are orange flavour with a chocolate flavour coating, and a variation on the company's popular regular versions.

Dispensing without effort

19 November, 2010

Prowrap has introduced the Speedwrap cling film and aluminium foil dispenser, specifically for the baking and catering markets.

Bakestone stretches loaves

19 November, 2010

Bakestone has launched a new improved recipe 'Long Loaf', which will be available through distributor Coultons Bread.

The new ODP 500 Posligne thermal receipt printer is ultra-compact and easy to integrate into any cash desk area.

Australian puds for Xmas

19 November, 2010

Posh handmade puddings from Australia are vying for space on British Christmas tables this year.

By Max Jenvey of Oxxygen Marketing Partnership, a strategic business accelerator specialising in foodservice, bakery and convenience retail sectors

Chocolate temptations

19 November, 2010

Burton's Foods has launched its Cadbury Christmas Biscuits range, with new products to tempt chocoholics.

Ginsters warms to winter

19 November, 2010

Chicken Balti is the latest Ginsters pie variant to hit the shelves in a bid to warm up chilly shoppers (RSP: £1.99).

Traiteur's mini angle

19 November, 2010

Traiteur de Paris is extending its cupcake range with mini versions.They include chocolate/hazelnut topped with hazelnut chips; lemon/green tea topped with lemon zest; strawberry/pistachio topped with pistachio chips; and blueberry/violet topped with cornflower petals. Supplied in a high-rimmed tray of 48 units, they need to thaw for two hours before serving.

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