Nairnís extends gluten-free range with new products

Nairnís is set to make larger pack sizes a permanent part of its gluten-free oatcakes range and has introduced new childrenís gluten-free products called Astro Bites.

Late last year, the business rolled out 180g packs of oatcakes that are 33% larger than the bakerís usual packs but have the same recommended retail price Ė bucking the trend of brands shrinking pack sizes in response to growing costs.

ďThe UK is going through a period of food inflation and many brands are reducing the size of their packs,Ē Martyn Gray, managing director at Nairnís Oatcakes, said.

ďWeíve taken the decision to pass on some recent cost savings, we have not increased the price to the consumer in the form of a 33% extra fill pack on our popular Gluten Free Oatcake range.

ďThese have been very well received by consumers and it is looking likely that we will move to a permanent 180g pack in the near future.Ē

As part of the expansion on the gluten-free category, Nairnís has extended its gluten-free product range with the introduction of Astro Bites in three new flavours.

Rolling out in selected supermarkets from March 2017 at £1.85, the Astro Bites will be available in a Berry, Cheese and Chocolate Chip flavours, which Nairnís said ďare sure to be a hit with kids and parents alikeĒ.

They are also available as individual 23g bags and multi-bags of five through selected health wholesalers.

Nairnís research suggested kidsí gluten-free snacks were under-represented in the free-from aisle, whether for kids who are following a healthy, balanced diet, or those with food intolerances or coeliac disease.

The space-themed snacks contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. The cheese variant contains no added sugar, the Berry and Chocolate Chip variants contain significantly less sugar than the average childrenís biscuit, at 50% and 40% respectively, said Nairnís.

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