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  • Gerhard’s blog: Happy Days

    Gerhard’s blog: Happy Days


    Teaching one of my master classes last week, I conducted a quick straw poll as to who was going to win this year’s Great British Bake-Off (GBBO).

  • Gerhard’s blog: Chocolate fantasies

    Gerhard’s blog: Chocolate fantasies


    The Great British Bake Off’s (GBBO) semi-final chocolate theme had me hunting for chocolate in my kitchen. 

  • Gerhard’s blog: A French farce

    Gerhard’s blog: A French farce


    I’m currently in the TV-free depths of the Brecon Beacon and could only watch The Great British Bake Off (GBBO) by leaning out of the window. Bandwidth is scarce here - I might as well be on Mont Blanc.

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    Gerhard’s Blog – GBBO goes Victorian


    I’m not surprised that The Great British Bake Off (GBBO) went back to the Victorian age for its latest round. So much of our baking is rooted in this era of enormous change. From new ingredients to production processes, this was a time so fast-moving, comparable to changes in computerisation and information technology during the modern Elizabethan age.

  • Gerhard’s Blog: Stayin’ Alive

    Gerhard’s Blog: Stayin’ Alive


    A whiff of the 1970s was in the air on last night’s Great British Bake-Off (GBBO) but also at the British Baker’s Baking Industry Awards (BIA) in London.

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    Gerhard’s Blog – GBBO: Free From


    The popularity of The Great British Bake Off is unquestionable, and has brought baking to the water coolers (or coffee machines) of the nation. Staff in our local nursery not only love watching it, after each episode they re-bake one of the challenges with the kids – surely this will help secure some future baking pros! 

  • Gerhard’s Blog: Spanische Windtorte

    Gerhard’s Blog: Spanische Windtorte


    Hot on the heels of last week’s Great British Bake Off (GBBO) Baguette challenge came the news from Paris that it is actually very difficult to lay your hands on a genuine French baguette this summer. 

  • Gerhard’s Blog: Mais non, Mary!

    Gerhard’s Blog: Mais non, Mary!


    This week’s biggest faux-pas on The Great British Bake Off (GBBO) was served up by none other than Mary Berry, when she accidentally gave away who was going to leave the Bake Off before the show had even aired. 

  • Gerhard’s blog: Biscuit town

    Gerhard’s blog: Biscuit town


    Gerhard Jenne takes a look at the latest Great British Bake Off episode... and remains unconvinced. 

  • Somewhere west of Madeira

    Somewhere west of Madeira


    You’ll know where to find me on Wednesday evenings in the weeks to come, says British Baker Blogger Gerhard Jenne. Yes, the Great British Bake Off is back, with a set of new bakers and 30 challenges to find this year’s champion.

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    Gerhard’s blog: Fartons


    Gerhard Jenne discovers a true Spanish speciality on a recent visit to Valencia

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    Gerhard’s blog: Life is sweet


    Gerhard Jenne muses on Pret A Manger’s latest ‘flirt’ initiative and looks towards his own summer campaign. Br

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    Gerhard’s blog: Vote rhubarb


    The election is not far off, but Gerhard Jenne has just one piece of advice for the baking fraternity...Wi

  • Gerhard’s blog: Hippy Easter Highs

    Gerhard’s blog: Hippy Easter Highs


    Gerhard Jenne illustrates how a revamped strategy paid dividends for his business this Easter. 

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    Gerhard’s blog: reeling in customers


    Taking the hands-on approach, Gerhard Jenne hits the streets to drive sales from passers-by. 

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    Gerhard’s Blog: overseas visitor


    Gerhard Jenne, downed by the flu, misses the opening of his new shop, which welcomed a baker-visitor from the US. It

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    Gerhard’s blog: The future of food


    With the Caveman Diet currently popular and insects on the agenda as a future food source, Gerhard Jenne ponders on how the future of baking might look

  • Gerhard’s blog: Light bulb moment

    Gerhard’s blog: Light bulb moment


    Gerhard Jenne dwells on the importance of proper marketing and learns a lesson on in-store lighting. 

  • Gerhard’s Blog: Celebrity Bake Off

    Gerhard’s Blog: Celebrity Bake Off


    Gerhard Jenne remembers how he started gaining attention as a well-known baker, by cleverly targeting a rather famous celebrity, who will shortly be doing her own baking star turn 

  • Gerhard’s blog: Bread and Circuses

    Gerhard’s blog: Bread and Circuses


    Gerhard casts serious doubt on whether Prime Minister David Cameron’s decision to ditch bread for his diet is a healthy choice.