07 November, 2006
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Macphie (Stonehaven, Kincardineshire) has launched three additions to its range of release agents: Trennol Emulsion 3, Trennol CD100 and Trennol TF380.
Trennol Emulsion 3 is a water-in-oil emulsion for the release of baked goods and confectionery lines. It can be applied by electric spray gun and air-mix machines. It is available in a 10 litre plastic bottle.Trennol CD100 is water-free cutting and dividing oil for all bakery machines, including dough hoppers, dividers, bread rounders and slicers. It is available in a 10-litre tin.Trennol TF380 is an economical multi-purpose release agent. It is suitable for all bakery applications. Macphie says it is extremely easy and convenient to use. Ian Wolfenden, commercial director bakery solutions, says: "When producing different types of baked goods and snacks including bread, pizzas, pastry, cakes, biscuits or confectionery, it is important to select the right release agent to ensure cost-effective, problem-free production."

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