National Craft Bakers' Week 2012

10 October, 2012

national craft bakers' week 2012National Craft Bakers’ Week 2012, which takes place from 8th October to 13th , celebrates the traditional baking skills of craft bakers and is an opportunity for Britain’s bakers to showcase their speciality products, be it bread, cakes or pastries and share their passion and commitment to producing fresh food, locally.

Throughout the week high street bakers will demonstrate their baking skills, explain where their ingredients come from, showcase regional speciality products and generally tell consumers about the delicious food they bake, fresh, every day for their local community.

An integral part of National Craft Bakers’ Week is A BIG TASTE ,  a once a year free sampling event when bakers invite customers, community groups, children and passers by to come into their shops and try the goods they make.  This year bakers can benefit from a BIG TASTE pack of ingredients to support their free sampling event and to give them an opportunity to trial new products, for themselves and their customers.

This year National Craft Bakers’ Week is championed by Tom and Henry Herbert, The Fabulous Baker Brothers who want the nation’s bakers to raise awareness of the baker’s commitment to producing beautiful, artisan food that is fresh and a joy to eat.

For the first time this year National Craft Bakers’ Week will also be fundraising for the Teenage Cancer Trust.  Everyday in the UK six young people aged 13 – 24 are told they have cancer. Teenage Cancer Trust is the only UK charity dedicated to improving the life and chances of survival of the young people diagnosed with cancer.

Fabulous Baker Brothers
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