Greggs and Tesco in Twitter wars

26 February, 2013

Twitter war sparked between Greggs and Tesco

Greggs and Tesco went head-to-head on social media website Twitter last week after an online user asked which company produced the best yum yums.

The online conversation, which started on Friday 22 February, was initiated by a Twitter user called @DJRuairidh, also known as Ruairidh Tait, who said: “Whose yum yums are better; @GreggstheBakers or @UKTesco? I’m hungry!”

Tesco was first off the mark to reply from its dedicated Customer Care Twitter account (@UKTesco), responding with: “@DJRuairidh Ours! #Blates.”

The online user, a 17-year-old Scottish journalist, pitted the two food retailers against each other, asking Tesco for one key selling point over Greggs’ version of the sweet bakery good, to which the supermarket business described its own yum yums as “lush” and proclaimed the company had a better Twitter team.

The top BB75 retailer Greggs fought back by posting a weblink to an online article published on, showing James Morton, runner-up in series three of BBC Two’s The Great British Bake Off, spotted eating a yum yum purchased from one of its shops back in October.

Tait revealed exclusively to British Baker: “I feel Greggs offered a better response with regards to my question, stating that its yum yums were freshly made in-store and were hand-twisted. The company even wanted to prove it and asked me to message them directly, so I did.

In response, they asked where my nearest Greggs bakery was and the person on the other end said to give it 10 minutes and they would have some yum yums ready to collect.”

The Twitter conversation ended amicably between Greggs and Tesco, but the high street retail bakery was quick to act on Tait’s question as to which business he should visit by offering him free yum yums and a hot chocolate.

Neil Knowles, digital brand manager at Greggs, told British Baker: Seeing the challenge from @DJRuairidh over whose yums yums were better, we knew there was no better proof than in the taste. So we offered a free trial at his local shop. Throughout the conversation the sentiment was hugely positive and we had lots of public support in favour of our yum yums.

Twitter is full of mentions about Greggs and we love being part of that conversation – whether that’s with our customers or another brand. Social media is a great way to engage with people and it’s really important to us that we engage with our customers.

Tait added: It has certainly changed my perception of both companies and it was all in good humour - something that is great to see from two well-known UK brands, especially in such a bad economic climate when some companies are letting go of people who run social networking.

I think it is a great thing. Companies should invest more into their customer engagement. It adds a more fun side to the business and is enjoyable for all. I’d now be more likely to pop in to Tesco rather than other supermarkets, and Greggs rather than other bakers.

British Baker contacted Tesco for comment, but the company did not reply.

View the full Twitter conversation between @DJRuairidh, @GreggstheBakers and @UKTesco below.

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