British Lion eggs issues safety warning over imports

16 September, 2013

British Lion egg processors are keen to warn bakery and food manufacturers, retailers and caterers about the risks involved with using imported egg and egg products.

It follows the release of sales statistics showing a rise in imports of these types of products during the first half of 2013.

The government data (January – May 2013), put the current import figure at 1.3m cases, the equivalent of 468m eggs, up from 1.2m cases over the comparable period last year.

Ian Jones, chairman of British Lion egg processors, said: “With producers in Italy and Greece continuing to flout the EU Welfare of Laying Hens legislation and high-profile issues with imported eggs and egg products - such as salmonella, dioxin contamination and allegations of free-range fraud - occurring in recent years, it is imperative that food manufacturers, retailers and caterers understand the potential risks that may be involved when using eggs and egg products that do not have the guaranteed food safety and welfare standards of the British Lion mark.”

He said market disruption, following the implementation of the cage ban last year, drove some people to source from abroad. However he assured egg users that the availability of British products has now been restored.

Jones continued: “The risks involved with using imported eggs and egg products are numerous and very real and should not be taken lightly.”

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