Hollandís brings in new microwavable frozen snacks

19 September, 2013

North west pie and pastry producer Hollandís is launching a new range of microwavable frozen snacks.†

Costing £1 each, the pre-baked microwavable steak slice and sausage roll will be available in Tesco stores nationwide from this month.

A two-pack chicken and gravy pie, RRP £2.00, is also available.

New flavours in the range are expected to be announced later this year.

The packaging allows the pastry to crisp as it cooks, and includes a tear strip in the middle. The product can be microwaved in two to four minutes.

Joseph Langfield, frozen pastry buyer at Tesco, said: ďHollandís new microwavable range is innovative and unique to the frozen pastry category. These convenient snacks will be a great addition to Tescoís offering and will bring in new shoppers looking to purchase the range.Ē

David Girdler, spokesperson for Hollandís, said: ďA first for Hollandís and a first for the frozen retail market. We believe in developing a product range, which will bring the greatest convenience to our customers, and that is exactly what we have done with the new microwavable range.†

ďThis pre-baked range gives customers a completely new quick and easy way to snack on the go.Ē

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