Burtonís Biscuits joins with Cathedral City

02 October, 2013

Cathedral City and Burtonís Biscuit Company have announced a licensing agreement to produce Cathedral City Baked Bites.

The range includes new baked savoury biscuit snacks, made with Cathedral City cheddar.

To support the licensing deal, Burtonís has invested almost £1m in new savoury capability in its south Wales factory, ensuring it has the appropriate long-term infrastructure and expertise in place to produce and distribute savoury biscuit snacks across the UK.

Stuart Wilson, chief marketing officer at Burtonís, said: ďWe are delighted to have the opportunity to work with such a well-known and fast-growing brand as Cathedral City and plan to leverage our proven expertise in innovation and our comprehensive operational infrastructure to build a strong, sustainable savoury biscuit range under the Cathedral City brand. We are developing a unique, high-quality proposition that will take Cathedral City outside the dairy category and into savoury snacking biscuits.Ē

Laura Downey, head of marketing, cheese at Dairy Crest, the business that owns Cathedral City, said: ďWe are really excited about extending Cathedral City outside the cheese category for the first time. We know there is a huge opportunity in snacking and now there is a new way people can enjoy the nationís favourite cheese brand.Ē

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