Warburtons extends lines with Healthy Harvest loaf

09 February, 2007
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Warburtons is launching a new Healthy Harvest loaf, available from 19 February.
The 800g white loaf is said to have added health benefits, such as 50% more fibre than a standard white loaf, as well as being low in fat and sugar and containing added wholegrain.A spokesman for Warburtons said the new addition differed from 'All in One', a white bread with extra fibre and wheatgerm, as Healthy Harvest had extra calcium - two slices provides over 17% RDA. He said Warburtons' aim was not to replace one loaf with the other, but to give consumers more choice.Sarah Miskell, category marketing controller at Warburtons, said: "White bread with the added benefits of wholemeal is now worth £143m per year, accounting for 10% of total UK bread sales." Warburtons is also trailing new Fruity Bakes bars in Scotland, available in two flavours: apple and yoghurt and red berry and yoghurt. If successful, Warburtons will roll them out across the UK.

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