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09 February, 2007
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Vauxhall Astra Van
by David StokesThis van is powered by a 1.3 diesel engine and gives out an amazing 90PS at 4,000 rpm and a very respectable torque of 200Nm at 1,750 rpm. As the engine is so small, one must use all the gears to maintain a decent speed, so the six-speed gearbox with well-spaced ratios is welcome.The main purpose though of a van is to carry goods. Whether it's breads, cakes or sandwiches, it must have carrying capacity. The Astra does not disappoint in this aspect; load space in the back is respectable for a small to medium van. Load length of 1.753 metres, with a width of 1.380 metres and a height of 0.9 metres adds up to a volume of 1.58 cu m. The width between the wheel arches is 1.103 metres. The Astra is able to accommodate two bakery trays in line and a 30" cake tray alongside.A good driving position, coupled with comfortable seats, cuts down a lot on fatigue, making the driver more alert and thus more productive. Light on fuel consumption, it is little wonder that the Astra maintains its popularity.Basic 'On the Road' Price: £11,370 (ex VAT)Engine Type: 4 in line dieselCapacity: 1,300ccOverall Length: 4,515mmOverall Width: 1,753mm Height: 1,500mmWheelbase: 2,703mmInternal height: 900mmInternal Width: 1,380mmGross Vehicle Weight: 1,905kgPayload: 645kgKerb Weight: 1,260kg

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