16 March, 2007
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Bakehouse says it is working with customers to address requirements for 'cleaner labelling'.
Kate Raison, marketing director at Bakehouse, says: "Consumers are increasingly interested in food quality, which includes the standard, type and number of ingredients that go into a particular product."Since January, all but one of Bakehouse's products have been free from hydrogenated vegetable oils (HVOs). "We also adhere to our own additive hitlist, which includes all additives banned by any of our customers."Recent product launches, such as the Apple Crumble Tart, Pecan Pie and the new Thaw and Serve Chocolate Brownie, are particularly low in additives, says the firm, which adds that it uses natural flavourings as a first choice. "We use nature-identical flavourings if natural flavourings are not viable," adds Raison.

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