Shopper needs are not being met in the wrapped bakery category

him logoThe Wrapped Bakery category has experienced a steady decline over the last 10 years within the convenience sector.

This is despite one in ten shoppers saying it is the main reason they are in-store today, highlighting the importance of the category.

Download exclusive extracts from HIMís brand new Wrapped Bakery report; The Vital Ingredient as well as how to access the full deck.

Download the pdfHIM spoke to both shoppers and retailers in 2017 to bring this new research to the channel and to help unwrap the key to growing the Wrapped Bakery category in convenience.

Use the extensive 70 page report to help you unearth the changing shopper trends and purchasing habits as well the challenges retailers are facing within a category which is in decline.

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Published: 1st April 2017
Format:† .pdf (512kb)
Length: 8 Pages

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