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20 April, 2007
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A start-up company, The Cotswold Food Partnership, is targeting supermarkets and craft bakers with new ranges of bake-off artisan and functional breads.
The company has sourced its range from European craft bakeries in countries including Holland and Germany and it also has a manufacturing partner, the BRC-accredited Scottish craft baker Fords the Bakers, Lothian.Carl Le Neveu, founder of the company, told British Baker: "There's a gap in the market - the consumer demand is there, but the products aren't readily available."The functional breads on offer will include a white loaf with all the nutrition and fibre of a wholewheat, and a 'hearty' loaf, developed with the Dutch Heart Foundation. And on the Continental breads side, Le Neveu said high-quality artisan breads were on offer.He added: "The UK's demographic has changed dramatically over the past decade. For example, there are three quarters of a million Polish workers in the UK. We're talking to major retailers about offering breads such as Polish Rye on a regional basis." The primary target for the part-baked frozen breads is in-store bakeries said Le Neveu, but the company is also developing a range of mixes for the craft bakery sector.

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