Bakery consolidation continues

07 April, 2006
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Consolidation and rationalisation in the bakery manufacturing industry is particularly hitting smaller enterprises, a new Key Note report indicates.
The Market Report 2006 on Bread and Bakery Products shows that, in 2004, there were 125 VAT-registered manufacturers of bakery products with a turnover of up to 49,000 in the UK. In 2005, that number had dropped to 115.There was also a drop in the number of companies with a turnover of between 50,000 and 99,000 from 305 in 2003 to 285 in 2004 and 250 in 2005, as smaller firms were absorbed by larger players.Overall the number of VAT-registered enterprises manufacturing bread and other bakery products, such as pastry products and cakes, was 1,580 during 2004 and 1,540 in 2005. Nearly two-thirds (63.7%) have fewer than 10 employees.

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