Dawn Foods reduces sodium and cuts fat, but keeps taste

07 April, 2006
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Dawn Foods (Evesham, Worcs) has developed a number of low-fat and lower-sodium products that enable bakers to cater for the more health conscious consumer, the company says.
Its new low-fat and lower-sodium cake and muffin mix is 97% fat-free and has less than 300mg of sodium per 100g serving.Consumers traditionally have limited expectations for low-fat cakes and associate them with being tasteless and poor quality, says Dawn. But it claims its new mix produces muffins and cakes that meet demand for a healthier treat, without compromising on taste or texture.According to Dawn, the Bakers Select brand is a new premium range, which is trans fat free and also has the benefits of reduced salt. The mix consistently produces a range of healthier products that do not compromise on taste or texture, says Dawn.Marketing director Maggie Dagostino comments: “With Bakers Select we wanted to create a brand that meets the health issues facing the industry while still offering bakers premium quality products. “The range addresses and overcomes a number of issues currently facing the industry without compromising on taste.”

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