Gold cake

22 June, 2007
With retro cakes and breads making a come-back, Sue Davies serves up her latest find
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This is a very dense cake, delicious served as a dessert with berries and Greek yoghurt. The large number of egg yolks used provides the rich yellow colour. Over the years there have been a number of recipes for gold cakes, created, no doubt, to use up egg yolks left over from other recipes. This particular recipe comes from Cakes and Confections la Mode by Mrs Harriet De Salis, 1889.

Makes 10 cakes

1lb/600g butter

1lb/600g sugar

50 egg yolks

5 pints/2.5 litres milk

1lb 14oz/850g flour

1oz/50g of baking powder


1. Beat the sugar and the butter until white

2. Gradually beat in the eggs

3. Add the flour

4. The mixture will be like a thick pancake batter. Pour it into a 20cm/8" tin

5. Bake at 180?C for 35 minutes

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