Injured worker gets pay-out

03 August, 2007
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A senior Midlands bakery worker has been awarded £400,000 in an out-of-court settlement following a horrific injury.
Kenneth Johnson, 58, from Tipton, was a manager in the bakery department at Russells Foods in Lozells, Birmingham, when his right arm became trapped between rollers as he cleaned the bowl of a dough-milling machine.Doctors were forced to amputate his arm at the scene of the accident.In a court case before Birmingham Crown Court, Russells Foods was fined £25,000 with costs of £3,500 after the company admitted breaching health and safety regulations.Speaking after the settlement Johnson said: "Even though the accident was more than four years ago, I still have flashbacks and cannot erase the blinding agony from my mind. I still have to see a psychiatrist twice a year. I would gladly give back every penny if it meant getting my arm back." Russells Foods declined to comment on the settlement.

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