National Doughnut Week: rewarding effort

21 April, 2006
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Lathams craft bakery in Southport, Lancashire, has been involved in National Doughnut Week, which this year runs from May 6 to 13, since the outset.
Here, Chris Latham describes what his bakery gets up to during the week in order to raise money for The Children’s Trust charity – and drum up business in its four shops.“National Doughnut Week is always great fun and we never fail to see a huge boost in sales, both of doughnuts and other products. We always try to come up with a new and different doughnut every year – a limited-edition doughnut if you like – to sell during the week.“Last year, we created new varieties with chocolate and orange, rhubarb and custard, and toffee and apple – which proved to be huge sellers.“It was particularly rewarding to see all our staff getting so involved. Everyone would ask every single customer to buy a doughnut for charity – and the response was overwhelming.“The Children’s Trust is such a deserving cause – and it’s great for UK bakers to be able to help local children throughout the UK and really make a difference to their lives.Lathams was founded in 1967 and has remained a family business. The company now employs 50 staff across four bakery shops in Southport, Lancashire.• Top tip: Contact your local newspaper, tell them the dates of National Doughnut Week, what you are planning to do and emphasise that it is a fundraising event. Invite a journalist and photo-grapher along.• It’s not too late! To register for National Doughnut week, email Christopher Freeman now at Dunns Bakery on or call 020 8340 1614 or 07776 480032.\ LOOK WHO’S REGISTERED!– A&E White bakers, Barnsley, Yorkshire– Stephen’s bakery, Dumferline, Fife– Argo’s Bakery, Stromness, Orkney– Victoria Bakery, Barnet, Herts– WC Rowe, Falmouth, Cornwall– P&A Davies, Chester, Cheshire

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