Wholemeal sales on the up
Published:  02 June, 2006

The average person in the UK spent 3.76 a week on bread, cereals and cereal products in 2004-5 to eat at home, according to the latest annual report from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

The Family Food Expenditure 2004-5 Report says that of this 93p a week was spent on bread and 52p on cakes and pastries, and 54p on biscuits.

The average person spent 31p a week on white bread down 6.6% on the previous year. Wholemeal bread expenditure increased by 24.2% to 12p a week, the report says.

In total, an average person living in the UK spent 34.31 per week on food and drink, the report estimates.

It also suggested household expenditure on fresh fruit increased by 2.7%, alcohol consumption at home was down by 3.7% and purchases of sandwiches eaten out of the home fell by 7.5% in value.

To download the report go to http://statistics.defra.gov.uk

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