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19 October, 2007
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I didn't used to go in to baker's shops all that often, apart from on the odd occasion when I fancied my absolute favourite - carrot cake. There's a particular carrot cake, which is sold from a baker's stall in Blackpool, and I swear it's the best in the world!
I also used to go to bakeries when I couldn't find a Subway. Greggs is good for a lunchtime sandwich - I'd always buy the Chicken New Orleans from there - and they are pretty cheap.But my new boyfriend is a bakery addict and finds it almost impossible to walk past a shop without going in. He finds the smell of freshly baked cakes, bread, pastries, pies completely irresistible.For this reason, I have found myself visiting the otherwise unfamiliar world of bakery shops a little more often than usual. And I must say that I need to be careful. My taste buds are fast getting used to the taste of soft, warm, sweetness and my waistline is quickly expanding in direct correlation!I can't blame it all on him, though. Being from Belgium, I also have a weakness for pain au chocolat dipped in hot chocolate in the mornings and boule de Berlin (a doughy ball dipped in sugar filled with custard). And I guess that when I'm being healthy I tend to go for brown multigrain bread best dipped in tomato soup. But I admit that I would much rather indulge in naughty snacks. Yum Yums, custard doughnuts, sausage rolls are... mmmm... what dreams are made of!Melanie de Meester, wheelchair tennis assistant, Blackpool

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