Hollandís grabs CNNís attention

12 May, 2006
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American broadcaster CNN was inspired by the recent visit of American Secretary of
State Condoleezza Rice to the north-west to recommend activities for her to enjoy during her stay.It put Accrington-based pie company Hollandís Pies on her proposed itinerary, decidingthe company is synonymous with the region.CNN reporters were taken on a tour of the production line, where they witnessed emp- loyees turning out pies and puddings. While they were touring the bakery, 20,000 pies came out of the ovens, contri-buting to the 1,500,000 that are produced by Hollandís every week.Commenting on the visit, Hollandís senior brand manager, Dawn Williams, said: ďIt seems our reputation is sprea-ding. A full news crew in the factory was pretty unusual, but the CNN team was trying to show Ms Rice the best of the north-west, and thereís nowhere else to start.ďMs Rice didnít manage to fit us into her whirlwind visit in the end,Ē she added, ďbut when she wants the best pies in Britain sheíll know where to come.Ē

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