Oven training

29 February, 2008
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Bakery oven supplier Rational has set up an academy for bakers to learn how to use its Self-Cooking Center.
"Our feedback suggests that many users of the SelfCooking Center use only a small proportion of its features," said Paul Anderson, sales director of Rational UK. "Bakers might have chosen it for its ability to do specific tasks perfectly, such as bake-off, but they often don't realise how versatile it is."Free training and development seminars are structured around three specific approaches: how to use the equipment for consistent results; how to use its many other features to make work easier and faster; and to give ideas and tips on using the SelfCooking Center[ to create new products."We can structure the day to suit individuals," Anderson added. "We can make the session suitable for both managers and line staff." Bakers can arrange a free Chef Academy day by contacting Rational UK on 0800 389 2944.

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