June 1894

14 March, 2008
Big sales forecast for tabloids
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"Tabloid" tea is the finest Ceylon and Indian teas compressed into a small tablet of uniform size.
Nothing is added to the tea, but all the useless and uncured part of the leaf, which is now so well-known to be injurious, is removed. The directions for using this novel form of tea are simple: one or more "tabloids" are put into a cup, and boiling water poured there-on, milk and sugar are added to taste, and the whole stirred for 30 seconds and allowed to settle. The sediment is merely the woody part of the leaf, and sinks to the bottom immediately the stirring ceases. The tea thus made is delightfully refreshing.Next to grocers, confectioners are the largest retailers of tea, and we are of the opinion that the "Tabloid" will sell well...

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