Bread exports lose value despite food market rise

28 April, 2006
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The value of bread exports dropped 6% in 2005, compared to a rise in overall food and drink exports of 3% in 2005, latest figures suggest.
The data shows that bread exports overseas were worth 56.19 million in 2005, compared with 59.54m in 2004. Bread exports to France, Finland, Norway and Poland all dropped by over 20% year-on-year, although bakers saw significant gains in exports to countries including Germany, Denmark, Switzerland and Brazil.Ireland is the UK's biggest export market for bread, with exports amounting to 23.7m. France is second with exports of 9.63m, with Germany third at 4.46m.The figures have been collated by market development consultancy Food from Britain (FFB) using HM Customs and Excise figures. FFB said overall food and drink sales overseas were up by 3% to 9.9bn over the last 12 months, and it believes there are more opportunities than ever for manufacturers overseas.

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