Lainox gets in faster lane

16 May, 2008
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Lainox Heart has launched a combi-oven range with three key functions.
The ovens can be used via automatic and manual modes, and also have a USB connection, so recipes, programmes and software can be downloaded to the oven. The Lainox Heart offers a six-speed fan, Autoclima feature, which controls conditions and reheats refrigerated dishes, Fast Dry, which ensures foodstuffs and bakery products turn out fragrant and crisp, a PLUS function, which allows bakers to specify product finishes and an optional Washing Combi System.A new heat generation system offers reduced gas consumption and lower running costs, more steam and a double burner in gas versions for improved efficiency. Lainox says the new models are up to 40% faster at reaching and recovering working temperatures. The X and P models offer a variety of options to suit the customer.[]

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