Marco avoids going stale

08 August, 2008
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Marco Beverage Systems has added the Maxibrew Freshcup to its product range. The bulk filter coffee brewer is programmed to dispose of stale coffee after a pre-set period of time, to avoid customers accidentally being served old coffee.
The twin-urn coffee brewer is designed to aid busy staff who may not get around to disposing of stale coffee as often as needs be. It is fitted with a variable timer, and will dump the stale coffee mixed with cold water into the plumbed drain. The urn is then rinsed before a new batch can be brewed. The urn will only dump the old coffee if a replacement brew is available in the other.The urns are 11.5 litres in size and offer a full and half-brew facility. There is also a separate hot water facility with an immediate draw-off of up to 8.5 litres. Newly brewed coffee is kept hot by the twin-walled insulated urn, which is surrounded by hot water.[]

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