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14 November, 2008
Wayne Caddy describes his straightforward method for making a wonderful seasonal window display with Christmas Tree Breads - great for enticing customers through the door
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Easy-to-make edible breads over seasonal periods are a sure-fire winner. I demonstrated this technique at the Bakers' Fair and everyone was amazed at how simple, but effective these breads were.
Decorative breads should have centre stage in bakery window displays. They are fantastic added-value, considering the dough could be made from white bloomer dough, and only take a maximum of 40 seconds longer to make than a regular bloomer.By following my easy-step guide, you could make your seasonal display a focal point to draw in the customers and place a hefty mark-up on sales through the simple effective results.IngredientsBread Flour 1,000gWater 600gSalt 18gBlock yeast 15gMilk powder 30gButter 30gImprover* 10gOptional - if omitted then bulk ferment 1 hourOr use your own bloomer recipe Method (see overleaf)1. Scale at 320g, round the dough and leave to rest for about 10 minutes (image A).2. Roll the ball, so it has a point at one end and remains ball-shaped at the other (B).3. Using a scraper, cut a small piece of the ball end off and save. This is the flowerpot base (C).4. Slightly flatten the rest, so it resembles a triangle, then wet and dip into desired seeds or grains (D).5. Using scissors, snip away in horizontal lines to form a hedgehog cut (E).6. Next, using a scraper, decorate the flowerpot and present it back to the rest of the dough (F).7. Dust with flour (G) and prove for 2 hours at 22?C and bake for 16 minutes at 220?C (H).Tip: You can bake at 80% and freeze to suit production peaks and troughs. This will help to improve your availability and drive profit.

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