Stacking up the cookies

16 January, 2009
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Sugden, which specialises in hot plate baking equipment, has launched the Forpak 'Grouper' Stacker Model GS range, following the formation of a strategic partnership with the Forpak Division of US-based company MultiSource.
The GS Stacker creates and counts vertical product stacks, which are then fed onto a continuous conveyer that can feed automated packaging equipment or manual packing. The system allows an indexing product accumulation conveyor to be incorporated to act as a time buffer between baking and packing operations. It is suitable for stacking products such as cookies, Welsh cakes, pancakes and crumpets.A 'Grouper' GS II model is also available for products with a larger diameter of up to 457mm, such as pitta bread and pizza bases. A paper feed option is available on both models.[]

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