Wrong end of the stick

13 February, 2008
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Stop the Week is always ready to doff its cap when it meets like-minded crusaders on a mission to document the bizarre in bakery. Which brings us to Cake Wrecks - a blog dedicated to "When professional cakes go horribly, hilariously wrong".
A classic example, which is surely too good to be true, is this cake (below right) fashioned to look like a USB memory stick. The story goes that the customer handed the stick over to the cake maker with a picture saved on it, to be printed on the cake. Confused staff instead made a cake that looked like the memory stick itself. Surely you can't make this stuff up?While many of the posts pay tribute to disastrous misspellings and laughable handiwork, most are a celebration of oddness in cake-making. Monday's post was about foot fetish cakes, featuring broken toes, fungal feet and toe-tag corpse cakes.But one of the most strange of all is an apparently cack-handed attempt at an American football cake, seemingly fashioned out of chocolate swirls. cakewrecks.blogspot.com

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