27 February, 2009
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60-second sales pitch

Russell Wheeler, S Black Technical sales manager - food ingredients

== So, what are Sanacel and Qualicel? ==

A range of natural fibres by CFF, made from either bamboo, oat, wheat, apple or powdered cellulose. The fibres are used as texturising agents, carriers, anti-caking agents and flow aids, as well as liquid binding agents.

== Why are they so special? ==

The bamboo and wheat fibres appear as a white powder, with a neutral taste and odour, suitable for the production of fibre-rich white bread. Oat fibres give a more buttery appearance, enhancing colour in products such as brioches and sponge cakes. Apple fibres give a brownish colour and enable the reduction of chocolate or nuts.

== Why should bakers buy them? ==

Cost savings - and not just from increased dough yield. The fibres reinforce the dough structure, resulting in firmer texture and less abrasion or breakage in the production line. By retaining moisture, they prolong shelf-life. They also increase freeze and thaw stability for frozen and pre-baked dough.

== So explain the techie stuff. ==

Fibres are hollow tubes forming three-dimensional networks in combination with protein or starch within a dough. This network absorbs, keeps and controls liquids like water, oil and liquid flavours homogenous in baked goods by capillaric force.

== Bottom line, what's this worth to a baker? ==

From a single ingredient, the baker gets many benefits in texture, function, processing, cost savings and quality.

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