Gerald takes quality control

03 July, 2009
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Applied Principles has launched a new paperless quality management system called Gerald, designed with bakeries and small manufacturers in mind. It eliminates huge amounts of paperwork, while giving real-time reporting, collation of trendable data, traceability, audit compliance and time- and cost-savings.

The system features a personal digital assistant, with a temperature probe, camera and bar-code reader. It connects wirelessly to a laptop and can be used to make bespoke quality checks and monitor health and safety.

"Gerald is operated by a single user, making it totally practical for businesses where one person is responsible for quality control," explained JJ Kotze, MD of Applied Principles.

A recent trial at Taste of the Moorlands biscuit bakery saw productivity rise by 25% said MD Sarah Gayton. "Gerald's in-built ability to aid SALSA compliance will enable me to expand my business to larger wholesalers and retailers who demand increasingly stringent evidence of quality checks," she said.

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