Edible nut pricing

04 December, 2009
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Almonds: Despite the September shipment figures from California being 2% lower than September 2008, pricing throughout October and certainly into November 2009 looks set to remain very firm.
Hazels: Unfortunately the new crop in Turkey appears to be approximately 50% of the size of the 2008/09 crop, and nothing will improve the situation other than a release of the large quantity of old crop stocks held by the Turkish government.
Walnuts: While China continues to buy strongly and with European industry starting to focus on its own additional 2010 requirements, we can only expect prices to remain firm and with the only respite short-term coming from the sometime weaker dollar.
Pecans: This side of January, we can only see prices creeping ever northwards as stocks in origin and at destination deplete and buying for the Christmas period continues unabated.
Pistachios: Previous reports now confirm that the US crop is down year-on-year, and the Iranian crop has reportedly been adversely affected during the harvest by rain. The impact of this into the UK, however, will be muted by virtue of the fact that Iranian exports to the UK have seen so much decline over the past two to three seasons.

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