Kevin Sibley - Winner of 2009 National Cupcake-off

08 June, 2010
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Kevin Sibley, founder of Mamaís Cupcakes and winner of the National Cupcake 2009 Cupcake-off 2009Kevin Sibley, founder of Mama's Cupcakes

What do you do day-to-day?
Iím a sole trader, heading my own business called Mamas Cupcakes. I started the business a little over a year ago after leaving work as a graphic designer to care for my mother who had cancer. Sadly, she died on New Yearís Eve 2008 and, in the following months, I gathered myself up and started to promote my business more. I designed a website so that I could sell cupcakes and fudge to order. My graphic design skills came into play here, as it did for all my labelling design too.

I deliver the cakes myself within a 40-mile radius, as they are too delicate to courier! I also do farmersí markets every weekend and my main sell there is homemade fudge. I take the cakes along, too, but that is mainly as a promotion, as I tend to cater for weddings, parties and celebrations.

How did you get into baking?
My mother taught me to bake from a very young age. I was making cakes from about the age of seven or eight. Iíve always had a passion for a good dessert and I love it that now Iím making cakes for a living, something that I really enjoy. Itís very creative so it satisfies that side of my nature too.

Chart your career path
For the past 12 years I have been a graphic designer and I still do a bit of freelance when time permits. The past 18 months has been concentrated on building Mamas Cupcakes. My long-term aim is to have a high-end tea/coffee house where my cupcakes will be my selling point. Iím looking at relocating, hopefully to Eastbourne. The key to a good cafť is to have good coffee and tea, both of which I have sourced; and if the cupcakes go down well too, hopefully Iíll be on to a winner!

What was your training or education?
In baking I am completely self-taught, with help from my mother, who was a great cook. She created many of her own recipes, which I have inherited. Theyíre very nostalgic recipes and Iím tempted to get them published one day Ė who knows?

Black Forest Cupcake, 2009 WinnerWhat have been your highlights since winning the cupcake-off?
One function I catered for this year was the National Young Filmmakersí Awards held in London. The boxed cakes were given as gifts to the awards presenters Ė celebrities such as Sienna Miller, Ben Miller, David Harewood and Ralph Little, among others. Iíve been interviewed on Gaydar radio, which was amusing, and for a couple of magazines. There has been more interest from customers and orders have certainly increased. Itís amazing what a title can do for you!

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