Renshaw's World Cup Cupcake

25 June, 2010
It's a winner

In honour of playing in the World Cup we've designed a fun-style cake to share while you watch the match!

Use 7 cup cakes to make this fun design.  Place the cup cakes together in a football shape and top with Renshaw Vanilla Mallow Topping - ideal as a twist on a tear and share cake.

For 7 cupcakes you will need:

2000g  White Shortening
660g    BLENDESI Marshmallow
2300g  Icing Sugar
330g    Water
10g      Vanilla Essence
Black food colouring
Football or flag decorations

To make the Vanilla Mallow Topping:

1). Cream the shortening on slow speed, add the BLENDESI  and cream on slow speed for 1 minute.  Add half the icing sugar and mix for a further minute.  Add rest of icing sugar and mix until clear.

2).Take cup cake bases of your choice and arrange in a football shape. Fix a large plain nozzle into a piping bag and fill with Renshaw vanilla mallow filling; pipe lines or swirls directly onto the top of the cup cake to completely cover the tops of the outer cup cakes.

3).Colour up some of the topping mixture with black food colouring and then pipe this onto the centre cup cake. Finish with coloured discs which can be footballs or flags to achieve the final look.

It is a winner!

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