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27 January, 2006
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- Trade and Industry Secretary Alan Johnson has announced the appointment of Paul Myners, chairman of the Guardian Media Group, as the new chair of the Low Pay Commission, which advises government on the National Minumum Wage.
- Warburtons has reintroduced its 400g Hot Cross Bun Loaf for Easter, with a recommended retail price of £1.13. The packaging of the Hot Cross Bun Loaf has been updated to make it more visible on the shelves.- A new survey, ‘Consumer Satisfaction Index 2006’, by retail industry analyst Verdict Research, says Waitrose is the UK’s second favourite retail outlet, just behind its parent John Lewis. Waitrose is up from 20th place last year, benefiting from increasing consumer appreciation of healthy eating, says Verdict. It also scores higher than any other retailer on quality and wins top marks for store layout, with shoppers appreciating ease of navigation. - The Federation of Bakers has proposed targets for redu-cing sodium in bread, not salt. Targets are 0.6g sodium per 100g within 12 months. This will be reduced to 0.54g per 100g within two years, and to 0.5g per 100g by 2010.

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