Toaster of the week: Jesus toaster

22 October, 2010
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Toast impressions are nothing new we've seen everything from cartoon characters to football insignia burnt onto bread. Similarly, Jesus' favoured medium of appearing on bread products is well-documented. Now, the two have made an unholy alliance in the form of the Jesus toaster. "It's really a natural parody to the phenomenon of seeing Jesus everywhere," said its inventor Galen Dively, founder of Burnt Impressions.

While orders from born-again Christians have flooded in, others in Daley's conservatively Christian US homeland have hailed this as a heathen home appliance.

However, his products could be elevated from impudent impiety to international incident, if the company's latest idea sees light of day. "How about a toaster that toasts the Star of David on one slice and the Crescent Moon of Islam on the other slice?" mused Dively on the firm's Facebook page. "The traditions are sliced from the same loaf." Uh oh, he's just lit the touchpaper for a spate of toaster burnings in the Middle East...

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