WMF works on foam

03 December, 2010
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WMF has launched 'Bistro! with dual milk' following the success of its Bistro! coffee machines.

The new machine enables the operator to make bean-to-cup coffee using the fully automatic, one-step process at busy times or, when a more individual feel is required, the manually operated steam wand, which can be used as part of a two-step process.

The firm said the machine offers more control and consistency, thanks to a heat sensor in the steam wand, which will stop the steam when the set temperature has been reached. It offers three grades of foam: superfine an extremely dense foam with a shiny, creamy consistency, used for lattes; fine the normal standard of foam required to make cappuccinos; and standard for when volume and large quantities of foam are required.

Additional features include the ability to set individual temperatures for each type of drink; and the option of having three integrated hoppers so a drinks menu can include a variety of chocolate drinks, as well as decaffeinated coffee.

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