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24 March, 2006
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ADM Milling’s (Brentwood, Essex) Bun Mix and Bun & Doughnut Mix and Concentrate are said to produce a variety of doughnut and bun styles, offering good texture and flavour.
The company also offers Classic American Style Donut Pre-mix and Concentrate, which produces US-style donuts with a golden colour, excellent flavour profile and good keeping qualities, says ADM.In addition, the Bakers Mixes range offers complementary products for filling and topping doughnuts, including Confectioners Custard, Chocolate Fudge Icing and Creme Patisserie.ADM Milling is running a promotion on Bun & Doughnut Mix and Concentrate and Bun Mix until the end of April. Bakers get a free bag of mix for every 12 they buy. Go to for more information.

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