Salty Dog takes Indian style

14 January, 2011
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Crisp manufacturer Salty Dog has added another flavour to its snack range chicken tikka masala. The new variant is only the second meat-themed flavour to join the range, following the success of Salty Dog's ham & wholegrain mustard pack. Co-founders David and Judy Willis undertook research in a number of curry houses in Devon, in order to develop a crisp that offered the right level of heat and creaminess. Due to its growing presence in sandwich bars, coffee shops and delis, the range will now be available in a 40g bag format, in addition to its 50g and 35g bag versions.

The full range consists of sea salt, sea salt & vinegar, sweet chilli, jalapeno & coriander, ham & wholegrain mustard, and chicken tikka masala.

RSP is around 69p for a 40g bag.

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