Crop to crust

25 February, 2011

Bakers can support rural communities by using flours milled at traditional wind and watermills.

Farmers, millers, bakers and retailers are invited to join together at SPABís (Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings) one-day conference Saturday April 16 held in conjunction with the Traditional Cornmillers Guild.

It will explore the role to be played by traditional wind and watermills. Speakers will demonstrate that mills can play a key role in supporting the rural economy in the face of change, bringing quality and value to the most essential food staple, but also as a source of renewable energy.

Jonathan Cook, Vice Chairman of SPABís Mills Section said: Put simply, grain needs milling and bakers need flour. Itís the traditional miller who provides the link between the specialist farmer and artisan baker. For more information email: Website: or

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