Bridor adds French touch

25 March, 2011
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Bridor has been working with French baker Frédéric Lalos to develop three artisan breads, unveiled at the show. Le Pain de Partage Blé Grand Arôme, is a tear-and-share bread in a 300g format, made using a natural yeast and wheat flour to add softness and avoid acidity, while a durum wheat flour finishes the product. Le Pain Cerealier stoneground flour, in a 450g format contains a grain mix of sesame, brown flax, yellow flax, sunflower and wheat, and uses a house stoneground flour yeast. Le Pain Pochon buckwheat flour, also available in a 450g format is made with a mixed buckwheat yeast, featuring Camp Remy flour. Its four corner folds are shaped by hand.

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