Move your muffins to the Mississipi

09 December, 2005
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Macphie (Glenbervie, Scotland) says its American Cake Muffin and Mississipi Muffin mixes and concentrates eliminate the time and inconsistencies associated with making muffins
from scratch.Available in plain, chocolate and toffee flavours, they can be combined with a variety of ingredients, such as pistachio nuts (right), to create signature, flavoured muffins.Bakers can add visual appeal using Macphie fillings and finishings, the firm says, including its range of 5th Avenue Icings, Bake stable fillings and the Mactop range of cream alternatives.The 5th Avenue Icings are fast drying, will not crack or become brittle, and are freeze-thaw stable, says the company.They are available in white, chocolate, dark chocolate, caramel, strawberry and coffee flavours. Bake-stable fillings are also supplied by Macphie in toffee, chocolate, orange, lemon and cinammon flavours.The company’s Sensations cake mixes are also suitable for making muffins and are available in six flavours.

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