Top off tigers with paste

15 July, 2011

Gb Plange is helping craft bakers overcome the challenges of producing Tiger bread and rolls with an innovative new product.

Its Tiger Paste has been developed to give breads a crusty flavour, aroma and attractive shiny appearance. Users only need to add water to the mix.

General manager Marie Parnell said: "Tiger Bread has proved to be a bit of a headache for our industry; historically a fat-based liquid product or a powder-based concentrate was used to top the bread, but the fat-based products don't give a good crust and can be expensive to use, while the powder-based products can be rather lacking in flavour. We hope this innovative new product will enable more bakers to produce this style of speciality bread, which presents a premium profit opportunity."

Tiger Paste is available in 12kg bags and has a shelf-life of eight months.

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