Keeping Frupies in the family: the new pie with a 50s twist

25 October, 2006
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Daniel Tighe, a former student at the University of Central Lancashire, in Preston, is set to launch 'Frupies', a new fruit pie with a unique savoury twist and connections to a family recipe dating back half a century.
The savoury pastry was first baked by his grandfather David Davidson in a Darwen bakery in the 1950s. Daniel's mother Gillian now heads up the bakery and will supply the pies that her offspring will take to market through the newly-formed Tighe Enterprise Ltd."After months of research, the plan is in place and I am ready to go," says Daniel, "I am launching a new wholesale operation, devoted to Frupies. I have every confidence in the pies, they are totally free from artificial colourings and artificial flavourings, come in several fruit varieties and taste sublime."

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