Bakers sign up to Real Bread Loaf Mark

06 February, 2012

More than 50 bakers have now signed up to the Real Bread Campaign’s Real Bread Loaf Mark, since its launch in September last year.

The Campaign launched the mark in a bid to inform consumers about which loaves are additive-free.

Featuring in the 52 bakeries to sign up are: Artisan Bread Organic, Chalk Hills Bakery, Cinnamon Square and The Thoughtful Bread Company.

The organisation said early adopters of the mark range from start-up kitchen-table micro-bakeries, through high-street family bakeries, to the nationally-distributed Cranks brand.

Chris Young, co-ordinator, Real Bread Campaign, said: “We still call for an Honest Crust Act that requires all bakers to declare everything that goes into a loaf, and for bakers to come clean voluntarily in the meantime, but for now, The Loaf Mark is a quick way for shoppers to see that a loaf is additive-free.’

In a survey carried out for the Campaign, by Toluna, it claimed more than 70% of Britons believed it was unacceptable that an ingredient/additives list doesn’t have to be displayed for unwrapped loaves, and that processing aids don’t have to appear on any ingredients list.

According to the report, 85% of those polled said they thought a mark to show a loaf was additive-free would be useful.

Bakers wanting to use the mark must sign an annual agreement that he/she will only use it to promote loaves made without the use of any processing aids or other artificial additives.

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