Flamboyant fruit flans


Gold cake

This is a very dense cake, delicious served as a dessert with berries and Greek yoghurt. The large number of egg yolks used provides the rich yellow colour. Over the years there have been a number of recipes for gold cakes, created, no doubt, to use up egg yolks left over from other recipes. This particular recipe comes from Cakes and Confections à la Mode by Mrs Harriet De Salis, 1889.

Wimborne's winner

The Artisan Food Centre, based at the Dorset Smokery & Charcuterie, Hurn, Dorset, also the home of craft bakery, Quinney's, ran a competition to flush out old bread recipes.

Mrs Beeton's Gingernuts

These biscuits are robust in every way, easy to make and satisfyingly solid. It may seem odd to use coriander in sweet biscuits, but it gives real warmth to the flavour. Black treacle is such a dominant taste that you may prefer to replace most of it with golden syrup.

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