Plant bakeries see wastage as UK harvest fails to deliver

High wastage levels have been reported at some plant bakeries, due to the new UK wheat harvest.

Farmhouse Fare revamp includes TV sponsorship

Premium pudding supplier Farmhouse Fare has unveiled a £2m marketing package, including new packaging and a new TV sponsorship deal.

Proper Cornish goes back to roots

Bodmin-based pasty supplier Proper Cornish has unveiled a £200,000 rebrand, altering its name from Proper Cornish - Real Pasties, to Proper Cornish Food Company.

Lewis Pies set to expand

Swansea-based Lewis Pies is to spend £700,000 on extending its facilities so that they are "large enough to take our expansion plans for the next decade", it said.


n A Czech bread has joined the EU's list of 800 protected local brands alongside delicacies such as Greek feta cheese. The Czech bread "Karlovarsky suchar" has been awarded status as Protected Designations of Origin (PDO) by the European Commission. The bread is baked using water and salt from thermal springs in the Czech spa town of Karlovy Vary. The designation means that only manufacturers based in the specific area and using the specific techniques will be allowed to give their product the protected title.

Wrapid response

With a name that works on many levels - well, two at least - this food-to-go chain thinks it has cracked the speedy service formula with wrap-based products. Joint director Stephen Minall and cohorts spent two years tracking consumer eating habits in the UK; they also racked up a few air miles to the USA, Asia and Italy before coming up with an ethnic handheld snack concept.

Gaining kudos in Kidderminster

A traditional small family bakery, situated in the terraced back streets of Kidderminster, Worcestershire, can trace its roots back to 1886 and still uses the same traditional recipes from over 120 years ago. Over the last year, Tony's Bakery has been exposed to a whole new generation of bread lovers, following a listing in celebrity chef Rick Stein's Food Heroes, and profited from the area's emergence as a commuter belt.

Location, location...

Small bakery manufacturers at the show were upbeat amid a backdrop of increasing consumer awareness of food origins and a retailing drive to 'think local'.

Reap the rewards of investment

In his article 'Let's take training to task' (British Baker, 17 August) Chris North, bakery tutor at Castle College, Sheffield, stated that: "Industry must take charge of its own standards, training and education - not the government. The government... came up with NVQs, none of which are fit for purpose."

Price pressures

Even though the cost of key raw materials, including flour, dairy and vegetable oil products, is rising at phenomenal rates, several of the supermarkets are in the midst of a price war.

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