FSA in a hurry to decide future of trans fats

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) is pushing through a review of the health impacts of trans fatty acids requested by Secretary of State for Health Alan Johnson last week.


n Food Safety Week will take place next year from 9-13 June, the Food Standards Agency has announced. The UK-wide campaign aims to raise awareness of good food hygiene practice.

Irwin's breads on Irish menu

Independent bakery Irwin's business development manager Brendan Lappin has unveiled 69-pub chain O'Neill's new Taste of Ireland menu, due to launch in October.

UK millers' concern over wheat supplies

Millers in the UK are waiting nervously for the Australian wheat harvest to come in later this autumn, with high global wheat prices and volatility expected to continue.


Dave Roberts, Lucy Baylem

Healthy from the inside

Healthy ingredient technologies for use in bakery will be at the forefront of this month's Food Ingredients Europe exhibition at London's ExCeL.

Bakbel's plant is just jammy

To a jounalist, the prospect of trip abroad to visit a newly-opened factory sounds jammy! Especially when the factory involved is a supplier of that sweet preserve.

How to avoid going stale

The growth in supermarket convenience-store formats is paving the way for more impulse and top-up bake-off and finished goods. However, heavy promotions could devalue the category and, as inevitably happens when new launches occur, long-established key products become commoditised.

Historic occasion

Some 84 past and present members of the British Confectioners' Asso­ciation gathered in Nairn, Scotland last month for an historic annual general meeting.

Small firms set to take a pounding

Alistair Darling delivered his first Pre-Budget Report (PBR) on 9 October, 2007. One of the related press notices begins with the sentence: "The government recognises the contribution that small businesses make to the economy and that business owners should profit from the success of their business." After reading that, small business owners might have looked forward to the rest of the PBR, to see how the government was going to recognise the contribution they had made, and help them to profit from the success of their business. Sadly, they will have been very disappointed.

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